What are THE Most Important Questions to ask a Commercial Roofer?

One of the most common mistakes commercial building owners do is to turn to non-specialized roofers and therefore to assume the risk of a non-professional project. Among the most important things that a non-specialized installer cannot ensure is the inability to offer a warranty for the respective work, as well as their minimum knowledge on the roofing market.

Unlike non-specialized installers, professionals have the right and the possibility to provide a warranty and, in addition, they know the products on the market and can prevent the risks that arise during installation. Moreover, due to their professional knowledge, a licensed and certified roofer can advise the client on the maintenance of the roof and other important aspects.

Before hiring a commercial roofer, any client should find out about the experience and professionalism of the company they are going to work with, through a series of questions regarding the materials to be used and other professional opinions on the project. The client must also obtain in writing the promises received from different companies. Some contractors will tell you what you want to hear, but when it comes to stipulating their promises in the contract, they will become hesitant. This is the first sign that you have not chosen the right company.

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The questions and answers below will help you narrow your search and identify a reliable contractor for your commercial roof.

How long have you been active in the roofing business and what experience do you have with commercial roofs?

When it comes to your roof that will cost you thousands of dollars, you want a contractor who “saw everything” and “did everything”, that is, installed and repaired hundreds or thousands of roofs like yours.

What is the best roof cover solution?

When a Denver contractor recommends a certain type of roofing material, the argument should be based on concrete examples and facts. When you consider the materials, don’t just focus on budget and appearance, but take into account the actual lifespan of the roof. In the long run, a cheap and questionable quality option will cost you much more than the best performing type of roof cover.

Do you offer warranties?

The answer must always be YES. Be careful, though! Make sure your commercial Denver roofer offers real and advantageous warranties. The most durable commercial roof materials nowadays are EPDM membranes, which last over 40 years, so you can expect them to come with long warranties. In addition to the material warranty, do not forget about the workmanship warranty!

Can the price be higher than we initially agree on?

The best metal roofers Denver has will offer a written estimate precisely to exclude miscalculations and unexpected surprises. Therefore, you must not agree to pay more than the initial estimate and make sure it is clearly stipulated in the contract.

How long does it take to complete the work and what happens if the deadline is not met?

You certainly do not your professional activity to be disturbed for too long as a consequence of delays with the roofing project. You want to be assured by contract that the work is going to be completed within the agreed time, and if this is not the case, make sure it is specified a form of compensation that seems fair for you.



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