The Best Commercial Roof Types for Florida

Florida is special and unique in many ways and so is its climate – the state’s location along the ocean coast accounts for the subtropical and tropical climate that dominates the area as well for the high frequency of extreme weather events, such as strong hail, tornados and hurricanes. These extraordinary conditions are very hard on local roofs and they require local building owners to be very careful when they choose the roof for their buildings. Here are some tips about the most common materials used on commercial roofs in Florida to help you if you are currently in the process of deciding on the roof type to use on your commercial building.

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Metal Roofs

Most metal roofing systems used on commercial applications come in large sheets that are easy to install and can be easily placed on top of the existing roof if the roof structure and the building are capable of bearing the load of the double roof. Expert metal roofing Tampa contractors confirm that this choice offers numerous other benefits, too, such as affordability, durability of over 30 years, low maintenance and repair costs, superior resistance to the elements, including water, fire, harsh sunshine and strong winds and resistance to pests, such as termites.



Also known as Thermoset membrane, EPDM roofing systems are made using a very strong and durable, yet flexible rubber membrane. The solution is popular for its low costs, its superior resistance to harsh UV radiation and to wide temperature variations (both features of Florida climate), and its resistance to fire. EPDM comes in two color variations, black and white, the latter being an excellent choice for hot climate areas, where building owners need roofs that reflect as much solar as possible to maintain interior temperatures comfortable without incurring high energy costs. EPDM is also resistant to chemical spills, including acids.

Other Synthetic Roofing Materials

TPO and PVC are two other common choices for commercial roofs in the Sunshine State. The most important benefits of these materials are their light weight, high reflectivity, excellent resistance to UV radiation, to high winds and fires. TPO and PVC roofs are also resistant to chemical exposure and available for affordable prices.

Green Roofs

Green roofs are practically roofs covered in special, draught-resistant vegetation and fitted with special drainage and irrigation systems to ensure the right condition for the rooftop plants to thrive. The solution is among the most expensive ones and it also requires a significant amount of maintenance work, but the benefits offered by these systems, such as durability and resistance to wind and hail, are surely worth the investment and the extra attention. Green roofs are thick, heavy structures that are very energy efficient as well, therefore your green roof will significantly reduce the amount of energy that you will need to keep the air in your building comfortably cool. Your green roof will also act like a water purifier, improving the quality of the air inside as well as around your building by filtering out pollutants, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as by generating oxygen and regulating humidity.

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