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How to Design Your Residential Roofing Replacement

We all want a resistant roof above our heads and with a nice aspect. The roof must be designed by an architect, with the help of a structural engineer and chosen right from the beginning of a construction project. The architect gives it a shape, while the structural engineer dimensions the whole resistance structure for both the house and the roof, taking into account the cover materials. That’s because you cannot put roofing materials of a certain weight on an undersized structure. A roof, regardless of its type, must fulfill certain essential roles: it must be solid, resistant, watertight and able to withstand external conditions for several decades, depending on the materials.

What should you consider when you start to design your residential roofing replacement?

Shape: Before deciding on the roofing materials, you need to choose the shape and the basic design of the roof. Respected Highlands Ranch roofing companies will tell you if there are roof shapes that are not allowed on the type of structure you have, or suitable in the area where you live.

Roof durability: After choosing the shape, also consider how you want to use the roof now and in the future. Whether you are thinking of expanding your home or would like to turn your roof into a terrace, proper planning is an important step. A good roof can offer you safety and durability for a life time.

Materials: The choice of roofing materials depends mainly on the inclination of the roof and your personal preferences. You can choose from a variety of materials and accessories available on the market in an inexhaustible selection of shapes, colors and surfaces.

Insulation: Choosing the right insulation and using an integrated photovoltaic system ensures the durability and energy efficiency of your roof. This way, you protect the environment, save energy and, in addition, save money.

Highlands Ranch roofing companies

What must be taken into account when you build a roof?

  • Its resistance to fires or heavy rainfall
  • The degree of sound insulation
  • The degree of thermal insulation
  • The weight of the roof compared to the existing frame
  • The way in which it is integrated in the architectural style of the house
  • The quality of the materials and accessories
  • The price of materials and workmanship

Additionally, you have to choose the roofing materials according to the following factors:

  • The geographical area where you live, with its weather particularities
  • The form and utility of the building
  • The indications of the designing team
  • Your personal tastes or the local requirements

5 essential roof accessories

When you design your residential roofing replacement, you must not forget about those indispensable elements in the roof`s structure.

  1. Gutters – they help collect water from the roof slopes, being essential elements of the drainage system.
  2. Eaves – the prevent water from leaking down the walls of the building, leading it to the gutters.
  3. Downspouts – they have the role of draining safely the water collected in the gutters.
  4. Snow guards – they are mounted at the edge of the eaves or on the roof`s surface and prevent snow from slipping down in large quantities.
  5. Diffusion foil – it is positioned under the cover and acts as a barrier against water and vapors.

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