Finding the Best Insurance for Storm Damage – What Should Your Policy Cover?

Insurance is somewhat of a gray area when it comes to whether or not roofing problems have the necessary cover to help you avoid huge expenses for repairing or replacing your roof. In most cases, there are a variety of factors that come into play regarding whether or not your insurer might be willing to reimburse you if a powerful storm or a hurricane has damaged your roof to a greater extent.

The problem is that most homeowners only learn about these factors after their roofs are already damaged; and usually that means it’s also too late to find a more suitable insurance policy to replace the one you have.

Keep Track of Your Insurance Coverage

The best time to ensure that your insurance coverage is ideal should be when you first sign a contract with a respectable and trustworthy insurance company. First, make sure you do a complete background check on the insurer, so you’ll know they are legitimate; and then you can start asking them about their policies and what they cover.

It’s important to remember from the start that homeowner’s insurance typically doesn’t cover repair work and replacements for roofing systems that are older than 20 years or so. If your roof is still in relatively good condition, they might offer to compensate you for the amount that it’s worth with the wear and tear, otherwise you can only expect a decent amount if your roof is at most 10-12 years old.

Depending on the policy and the insurance company, however, even storm damage involving leaks and broken shingles might not be covered. Some insurers will argue that homeowners should be responsible for keeping their roofs in good order, so that a “simple” storm won’t cause that much damage.

This is why it’s extremely important to read your policy in full and keep track of what your homeowner’s insurance coverage includes. That way, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises once a storm hits and you are forced to partially or completely replace your old roof.

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How to Make Your Insurance Claim

While you might be able to find the right insurance policy to make sure storm damage won’t affect you financially, it’s still important to know how to make a proper insurance claim. The main secret is to be prepared and to make sure you follow the right process as soon as possible – preferably up to 24-48 hours after you noticed the problem. Sometimes roofing companies in Pensacola have roofing/insurance specialists that can be helpful in assisting with the insurance claim process.

The key is to present as much evidence as possible, while being fully aware of what your insurance policy and coverage have to offer and having a clear understanding of the legal ramifications that might occur, should your insurer look for a loophole to avoid paying you the compensation amount that you might be due.

If you’re not a legal buff – and let’s face it, most of us aren’t – it’s important to seek help from a dependable attorney or public adjuster. They will help you put together all the right documents and negotiate with your insurance company, so you can avoid paying a hefty amount for roof repair or replacement once your roof is damaged by a powerful storm.

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