Expert Roof Repair – El Paso TX Contractors and the Repair Services They Offer

When it comes to expert roof repair, El Paso TX roofers are unbeatable – here are the most common roofing issues you can turn to them with and how these qualified and experienced contractors fix them.

Faulty Installation

Faulty or improper roof installation is usually not an issue that becomes obvious upfront – the new roof might look perfect and might stay perfectly intact for a long time, with problems appearing only when the roof is exposed to some sort of impact that it is supposed to be able to withstand, had it been correctly installed initially. Faulty installation can affect any part of the roof – incorrectly installed beams or planks, unsuitably fixed roof cover materials, improperly fixed insulation and the list can go on. The roofer you call to solve the problem will first of all perform a detailed inspection of the roof to identify the fault, then he and his team will correct the problem using specialized equipment and know-how.


Small creatures such as termites or other insects and larger ones such as birds can cause a lot of damage to your roofing. Local roofers know how to follow the traces left by these critters and how to apply pest control measures to eliminate the problem.

Weather-Related Damage

Hail, storms, excessive rain and strong winds cause millions of dollars of damage to roofs all over the country. Many El Paso roofers provide emergency roof repair services to help the victims of such weather-related damage – they will come to your place quickly, inspect and document the damage, they will provide some sort of temporary solution to prevent further damage, then they will complete the repair as quickly as possible.

Overhanging Tree Branches and Other Debris

The large, old tree with its branches reaching out over your roof might be the jewel of your yard, but the branches that rub against the roof might cause serious damage to the roof. The small twigs and leaves that fall off the tree can also cause problems – they accumulate on the surface of the roof and in the gutters, causing water to accumulate where it shouldn’t. If this is your problem, too, local roofers will clean your roof, get rid of the accumulated debris, then fix the damaged roof in a professional and timely manner for you. Debris is harmful if it accumulates in the gutters, too, so roofers usually check and clean them as well.

Roofing Problems Caused by the Flashing
The flashing is the component of the roof that is meant to seal the edges of the roofing structure in order to prevent water from penetrating into or under the roof. These steel or aluminum components are usually installed around chimneys or where the roof cover is interrupted – if they don’t seal properly, water and debris will get underneath and cause leaks and other damage. Professional roofers have a trained eye to notice even the tiniest flashing damage and they will either reseal the faulty or loose part or they will replace the flashing element.

Roofing issues tend to aggravate very fast, so they need to be addressed as quickly as possible. If you notice some sort of issue that calls for roof repair El Paso TX roofers will jump to help you – whatever your roofing problem, they will know how to fix it.

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